“More than anything else, even the murder, I think that’s what I hate most about Manfred von Karma. How he messed up Miles. He filled the children he raised with anger and suspicion. Franziska turns some of hers outwards, and I think that helps her cope a little better, but Miles turned all of his inwards, and…“ 

this line from Pantswarrior’s Surviving You is one of my favorite descriptions of the von Karma family dynamic, and it’s one of those lines that has stuck somewhere in the back of my head since i first read it. 

it just really precisely resonates with my own experience as one of two kids who survived an abusive home, and it highlights what i’ve always loved about how the von Kids respond to their pain – so often, male characters get to externalize and female characters get to internalize, and i really like that Miles and Franziska subvert that

10/10 good character analysis good fic


von Karma canonically taught Edgeworth to get into staring contests with people

imagine the von Kids staring at people inappropriately lol 

like Adrian keeps stealing glances at Franziska because she thinks she’s attractive and Franziska automatically assumes that the appropriate response is Von Karma death glare and Adrian doesn’t know how to interpret it


franziska: miles edgeworth im going to have to go on maternity leave as soon as possible

edgeworth: w

edgeworth: (taking off glasses) i’m sorry, what?

edgeworth: you’re never said anything about a pregnancy. you’re not even dating anyone right now. what are you even talking about

franziska: miles edgeworth am i going to have to call HR again


edgeworth: (sighs) give me the forms

franziska, on confessional cam: (holds up a kitten) her name is pawdme amadala and shes two weeks old. the adoption was made official today and i am going to need to spend as much time with her as possible to ensure healthy growth. i am proud of my responsible parenting.

Static – ideny – 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney [Archive of Our Own]

this is a fic that i never include on my fic recs because it doesn’t really, like, have a plot or anything? it’s just von Karma wrecking Edgeworth’s office. but ideny’s dialogue and characterization are always such a treat to read and gen von Karma family dysfunction fics are my jam, so here it is. i’ll post a lighthearted fic in a sec too 

Static – ideny – 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney [Archive of Our Own]