good concepts: miles and franziska getting drunk together and openly discussing their abuse

I actually had a thought that this sort of thing might be the crux that gets people to really realize what they’d been through. Like, they’re at a group gathering and they get tipsy, and start actually joking with each other about what things were like growing up. Like, maybe Trucy makes a minor mistake like spilling her drink on her father and the pair of them freeze for a moment until Phoenix laughs it off. That brings up the topic and they start talking to each other about what would have happened if it had been Manfred, and from there to the standards they had to meet and what would happen if they failed to meet them. Normally they wouldn’t say these things out loud, much less laugh about it, but with several years between them and the worst of it, and a few too many glasses of wine inside them? It doesn’t seem so bad. Funny almost – and really, Manfred was a funny little man, wasn’t he?

And they’re talking louder than they mean to and everyone is listening and they’re all just quiet because they don’t… really know what to say? I mean, they knew on a theoretical level ‘man, being raised by the human equivalent of a German-made steamroller would have sucked’ but they wouldn’t have considered the specifics of it? How bad it could get, how normal Miles and Franziska thought it all was.

And their horrified significant others take their tipsy partners to bed and give them the spoiling of their lives (Miles and Fran have no idea where this sudden attention and affection came from, but they’re not complaining).

yes yes yes. i love this addition and i don’t know you but i love you

there’s actually a similar (unfilled) prompt on the meme here that i check every now and then in the hopes that someone will write something like this and do it justice 

miles reconnecting w his culture with the help of his new family with phoenix and trucy who r also jewish, after yrs of abuse and forced assimilation, makes me cry

THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING. i think about this like at least once a week tbh 

(Trucy makes them all ugly Hanukkah sweaters) 


Ace Attorney: Then and Now- Miles Edgeworth by CrayCat
Miley has the most amazing transformation, from losing his dad, to following his dad’s killer, to finding out about the truth, to being like “Am I on the right path”, and finally, “No…This is the path I have chosen, and I will stick to it.”

We salute you, Edgey-poo.

More characters to come.

@canonklapollo same!!!! it’s the least sketchy interpretation that’s compatible with canon imo

@snakeassassins YEAH LOL some very similar unintended implications also affect the von Karmas imo – German people obsessed with personal perfection in Western media would usually be read as a Nazi dogwhistle