Miles, circa Turnabout Samurai: by the way, Franziska…just checking but uh. if i asked, would you still concuss me with a fire extinguisher 

Franziska: what are you talking about, Miles Edgeworth

: …………..never mind



In the last two cases of the first game, Gumshoe brings up (several times) the notion that the police and the prosecutors are supposed to be a team and that it’s not just the police working for prosecutors or the police arresting people and prosecutors blindly indicting them. Gumshoe values that idea a lot and if he’s told Nick and Maya about it he’s probably told others about it too.

When Gumshoe brings it up in court, Von Karma instantly shoots him down– probably mostly because it has nothing to do with the case and talking about it is a waste of time, but he’s also very openly disagreeing with the general idea that police and prosecutors are meant to work together rather than use each other for their own reasons. 

And then, in another case two months after that, Edgeworth– a student from Von Karma– tells Nick about the very notion that Von Karma openly rejected.

I guess we could argue that Edgeworth is already trying to detach himself from Von Karma’s teachings after finding out that the very man who raised him to become a prosecutor was the one responsible for pretty much all of his traumas, but Von Karma has been hammering ideas into Edgeworth for years and changing one’s mindset isn’t something that can be done with a twirl and a smile, it’s something that takes a fuckton of time.


I like to think that Edgeworth already held the “bond of trust” idea long before the Hammond case. Maybe way back when he was still starting out and stood in court the very first time he didn’t believe in that kind of idea and brushed it off the same way Von Karma did. But he’s known Gumshoe just about ever since the man became a detective, and by the time the first game starts they’ll have officially known each other for about four years, and they’ve been pretty much working together ever since then. It won’t have been without a lot of scoffing and eye-rolling, but what if spending so much time with a goofy, open, and passionate person started rubbing off on him?

Gumshoe just being his exuberant self and slowly chipping away at the wall labeled ‘Von Karma’ around Edgeworth, every case, every meeting, year after year.

…Until Nick shows up with a jackhammer.

(TLDR I like to think that Gumshoe was already helping Edgeworth open up and not just be what Von Karma shaped him to be, it’s just that Nick helped speed up the process. A lot.)

i’m like…..super confused about the von Karma family situation in AAI

like, what are Franziska’s living circumstances? Miles is surprised to see her and says it’s been a while, and her explanation for being there is that it’s summer break from school. which suggests, to me, that Franziska is going to school away somewhere, where he wouldn’t see her 

but then they both also talk about her preparing for the bar exam, so like…i would think that she was done with her legal training, but summer break implies that she would be going back next year. so is this a break from law school, or is it a break from her secondary education? did Franziska have to keep going to high school (middle school, even?) when she was an actual working prosecutor? 

where exactly is Miles living, for that matter? in one bit of dialogue he refers to wanting to get a plant for “his room,” which sounds like how you would describe your living situation if you were still in the home where you were raised? but maybe not? is Miles still living with von Karma at age 20? at what point did he move out? 

do the von Karmas live in Germany or California? is it a little of both? maybe Franziska usually lives in Germany and is getting her education there, but Miles currently lives in the US? does von Karma just travel back and forth in between? 

how is von Karma simultaneously training two students who apparently haven’t seen each other for some time now? 

capcom explain