In the last two cases of the first game, Gumshoe brings up (several times) the notion that the police and the prosecutors are supposed to be a team and that it’s not just the police working for prosecutors or the police arresting people and prosecutors blindly indicting them. Gumshoe values that idea a lot and if he’s told Nick and Maya about it he’s probably told others about it too.

When Gumshoe brings it up in court, Von Karma instantly shoots him down– probably mostly because it has nothing to do with the case and talking about it is a waste of time, but he’s also very openly disagreeing with the general idea that police and prosecutors are meant to work together rather than use each other for their own reasons. 

And then, in another case two months after that, Edgeworth– a student from Von Karma– tells Nick about the very notion that Von Karma openly rejected.

I guess we could argue that Edgeworth is already trying to detach himself from Von Karma’s teachings after finding out that the very man who raised him to become a prosecutor was the one responsible for pretty much all of his traumas, but Von Karma has been hammering ideas into Edgeworth for years and changing one’s mindset isn’t something that can be done with a twirl and a smile, it’s something that takes a fuckton of time.


I like to think that Edgeworth already held the “bond of trust” idea long before the Hammond case. Maybe way back when he was still starting out and stood in court the very first time he didn’t believe in that kind of idea and brushed it off the same way Von Karma did. But he’s known Gumshoe just about ever since the man became a detective, and by the time the first game starts they’ll have officially known each other for about four years, and they’ve been pretty much working together ever since then. It won’t have been without a lot of scoffing and eye-rolling, but what if spending so much time with a goofy, open, and passionate person started rubbing off on him?

Gumshoe just being his exuberant self and slowly chipping away at the wall labeled ‘Von Karma’ around Edgeworth, every case, every meeting, year after year.

…Until Nick shows up with a jackhammer.

(TLDR I like to think that Gumshoe was already helping Edgeworth open up and not just be what Von Karma shaped him to be, it’s just that Nick helped speed up the process. A lot.)

i’m like…..super confused about the von Karma family situation in AAI

like, what are Franziska’s living circumstances? Miles is surprised to see her and says it’s been a while, and her explanation for being there is that it’s summer break from school. which suggests, to me, that Franziska is going to school away somewhere, where he wouldn’t see her 

but then they both also talk about her preparing for the bar exam, so like…i would think that she was done with her legal training, but summer break implies that she would be going back next year. so is this a break from law school, or is it a break from her secondary education? did Franziska have to keep going to high school (middle school, even?) when she was an actual working prosecutor? 

where exactly is Miles living, for that matter? in one bit of dialogue he refers to wanting to get a plant for “his room,” which sounds like how you would describe your living situation if you were still in the home where you were raised? but maybe not? is Miles still living with von Karma at age 20? at what point did he move out? 

do the von Karmas live in Germany or California? is it a little of both? maybe Franziska usually lives in Germany and is getting her education there, but Miles currently lives in the US? does von Karma just travel back and forth in between? 

how is von Karma simultaneously training two students who apparently haven’t seen each other for some time now? 

capcom explain 

I would like to hear your edgeworth is a fey headcanons if you don’t mind sharing!

OK SO my feelings here are that Miles Edgeworth Is A Fey is very easy to justify in light of the fact that we know, canonically, that there are some cultural Issues around the position of men in Kurain 

so as Brittany pointed out here, if you go the path of cousin!Miles (where Gregory is a sibling to Misty and Morgan), it’s completely plausible that their father and mother had a Classic Kurain Divorce™ and their father left with Gregory while Gregory was still fairly young 

if you, like me, prefer sibling!Miles (where Miles is a sibling/half-sibling to Mia and Maya), it’s a little bit more of a stretch…but from what we see of Misty, she sort of has a habit of keeping secrets from her loved ones when she thinks it’s justified (see: 3-5) and running from upsetting situations (it’s a family thing). and we know she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be in her children’s life after the DL-6 fiasco, and i think it would especially make sense for her to feel that way about Miles, all things considered

i can’t see Gregory Dadworth choosing to not be in Mia and Maya’s lives (if he’s the father of one or both – which i kind of think makes more sense than the alternative). but i do think it could be plausible that he didn’t know they existed, and that maybe Misty didn’t want to have Greg or her son to get involved with the village, given that she would have plenty of reason to believe that this would end badly. 

tbh i’m kind of fond of the idea that Misty, like Mia, didn’t initially want to be the Master of Kurain, and instead tried to go to college outside the village and create a new path for herself. mostly bc i love secret children’s book author Misty Fey, and like to think about her as an arts major somewhere 

i also like the idea of her meeting Gregory in college and at first she thinks Gregory is kind of. quiet and boring and slightly dorky? but he’s also pretty endearing like…..he’s super involved in some advocacy/activist groups (bc of course Greg would have been), and also really involved in Hillel, and he’s just a very kind person who calls his mom a lot and stress-bakes during exams or. whatever. so they end up becoming friends and then having a heterosexual thing

but then all of a sudden she’s pregnant, and she’s like, barely 19, and she’s scared. so she books it back home to Kurain. she doesn’t really explain why to a (very confused and rather hurt) Greg, bc she’s sure as fuck not going to do anything that would lead to her boyfriend being involved with the Village

as she’s in Kurain figuring out what she’s going to do, she’s realizing that oh, shit, Morgan is not at all cut out to be the Master. so it becomes this question of, like – does she prioritize what she wants, or does she prioritize what’s best for Kurain (even if it means jeopardizing her relationship with her sister and with Greg)  

so she picks Kurain over herself

she continues to have this on-and-off thing with Greg for years, and Miles ends up happening, and again, boys and men in Kurain don’t fare too well. so she ends up telling Greg what’s going on this time and giving Miles to him, and she figures that maybe some day when Miles is older she’ll get to know him and explain why she wasn’t part of his life

then DL-6 happens and Misty runs. and if she can’t bear to be in contact with Mia and Maya bc of what happened, then being in contact with Miles would be like 10 times worse (also i guess like. there’s the question of if Miles actually killed Gregory and all the painful issues that come along with that). then after Turnabout Goodbyes, can you imagine looking Miles in the eye and being like “sorry i wasn’t in your life and let you be raised by Manfred von Karma”?  

tbh i guess i like the way it gives a sort of bittersweet twist to how her story ends up – eventually, she does get to go out and forge her own path and become a children’s book illustrator, even if it wasn’t how she wanted it to happen. and she has Larry as an apprentice who obviously looks up to her a lot, even if she can’t have her own son and daughters in her life. maybe in some way she gets to learn about Miles through Larry, and that’s sort of. really sad but also sweet, in a way?

tl;dr: i have thought about this a lot









actually, i’m not just gonna leave that in the tags: Catholics used the Holocaust as an opportunity to steal and convert Jewish children. Catholic authorities refused to return the Jewish children they “saved” to their families after the Holocaust ended. we have no idea how many children we lost. 

they used our genocide to steal our babies.

literal cultural and religious genocide

“b-but we love israel? Why won’t Jews be our friends?”

I seem to recall a story about the rosh yeshiva of Ponevezh (R’ Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman) who went looking for these children after the war. When Catholic monasteries and abbies tried to refuse him entry, so the story goes, he would ask, I just want to say one sentence to whatever crowd of children you have here. And the authorities in each place would look at this tiny, shuffling, bearded rav and let him in.

So the rosh yeshiva would go to the classroom or the cafeteria or whatever, wherever the children were, and he would put his hand over his eyes and say the six words of the Shema. “SHEMA,” He would start, slowly enough, “ADO-NAI ELO-HEINU,” and he would hear little voices joining in, “ADO-NAI ECHAD!”

And sure enough, when he quickly uncovered his eyes he would see little kids blinking up at him, wondering where he came from. The Shema is the first prayer a Jewish child learns, and it is the last prayer one says before death. Time among Christians would not have taken it from all the Jewish children.

At every place, the story goes, Rav Kahaneman walked away with Jewish orphans, children that the Catholic authorities had denied were Jews.

And everyone forgets that Rafael Lemkin’s original definition of genocide did not require death of the individual; it allowed for the death of the culture.

if this is true then that’s disgusting. What I know of history has taught me that this is totally possible


Can’t take Tumblr as gospel. Gotta do some more research. The source included is only one validation and I don’t know how valid it is.

I don’t put it past the church to do this, but I also won’t blindly accept something said that has one source as being true.

yeah, we could just be making this all up! we’re very sneaky and untrustworthy like that

@hillvarietyofdavid​ i blocked you before bc i didn’t want to deal with arguments breaking out on this post today, but i’ve seen several people say that you apologized, and i just wanted to acknowledge it and say that i appreciate it. thank you 💜

























it’s impossible to  objectively describe what soup is

cereal with milk

i mean but soup can have solids in it too (veggies, meat, potato……)

why isn’t cereal a soup

ok this is actually the best answer i’ve ever gotten and i’ve been joking about this with people for y ears but

milk soup

some soups are served cold

sweet soups exist

good definition, but it technically does still include cereal

what if cereal…. IS soup


this definition technically includes like….pudding and yogurt too, tho, i think

they said “much of the time.” there are also soups that don’t contain any of those things, e.g.:

  • soups that are broth only
  • soups that only contain noodles
  • matzo ball soup 

soup contains water. there ain’t no water in fuckn cereal

Milk is approximately 87% water

If I may play devils advocate, cereal could also be considered a salad, with the dry cereal being the main meal, and the milk being a dressing or condiment.
Before yall wanna talk about how salads only consist of vegetables, may I remind you of fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad, bean salad, and the ugly cousin, jello salad.

yeah well my body is 60% water but u don’t see me chillin in a bowl with some carrots u feel

So, hot cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc) are forms of porridge, ie grains cooked in either a milk or water preparation. Lexically, porridge derives from pottage, which is unquestionably a soup.

Cold cereal is trickier as it has no stage of being cooked in the liquid prior to being served, nor is the liquid cooked beforehand the way most soup broths are (pasteurization is a technically different process from my understanding; I’m also not getting into the hairy subject of the preparation of milk substitutes).

I mean, it’s weird to think of cereal as a soup, but I’m not going to state for sure it isn’t.

Cereal is absolutely a soup.  A weird, lazy breakfast soup.

Theoretically, you could argue that the time of day the food is consumed is the key.  I don’t think there are any breakfast soups that aren’t cereal or porridge.  

Pho is traditionally a breakfast food, I think. And some people drink broth in the morning instead of tea or coffee.

How about the popularity of a bowl of soup being served before actual lunch? Makes zero sense to me. I call soups ‘uppity vegetable tea’ in fits of hungry pique. 

I think that’s because liquid is very filling, so it’s good for tiding you over even when it’s not calorically dense.

I love these kinds of debates, they always lead to “if a man is a featherless biped, then a plucked chicken is a man” kinds of moments.

Also, vsauce had an episode about this:

I’m just reading through this and now I’m wondering if soup is even real or if it’s just been a figment of my imagination for my whole life.

soup is a social construct


Soup Discourse


friend i don’t think that’s how matter works