there are real conversations to be had about fetishization of mlm in fandom and how fannish spaces can be alienating for mlm, as well as broader conversations to be had about intracommunity aggression towards mlm 

but also some of y’all are really quick to jump to rhetoric suggesting that women in general are oppressing you, or that women have it So Much Easier 

not a good look

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replied to your post
“fact: i haven’t really ever played a zelda game ”

anyway if you’re interested in botw as i assume this post was sparked by? definitely check it out, you don’t need to play other games to enjoy it zelda games are as stand alone as pokemon games

this is good to know! also interesting to hear about OoT, since i feel like it’s the one i’ve always heard about. i don’t actually own any consoles right now, but i am very curious about BotW just because it’s been getting such ridiculously high ratings