the inclusion of actual clicker training in Jurassic World could have been so useful in terms of helping introduce humane training concepts to a broader audience, but instead they just had Chris Pratt frantically click at the fake dinosaurs and call it a day 

like i realize there are so many bigger issues in the world but it’s just disappointing 

Miles, circa Turnabout Samurai: by the way, Franziska…just checking but uh. if i asked, would you still concuss me with a fire extinguisher 

Franziska: what are you talking about, Miles Edgeworth

: …………..never mind

i’d like to think that Miles, as Chief Prosecutor, institutes some kind of protocol on how to handle children who are suddenly left with no guardian in the courthouse

no one tries to find Kay or anything? she’s just roaming around after her father dies? after Zak vanishes Phoenix is like “uh i guess i could adopt you or like…put you up in a hotel or something???” like this child’s care totally falls on the shoulders of a kind unemployed stranger

why is no one prepared to deal with this. no wonder Manfred von Karma could just walk off with someone else’s kid