i love my gay big sister haligan ❤ i wish i could make u some nice calming soup ❤ i hope you feel better soon

you are too sweet! thank you so much, little sibling. i really appreciate it 💜💜


you’ve been such a big good influentual figure in my life for the past year and we’ve only ever interacted once or twice and it wasn’t even from my main but i still consider u my Lesbian Mom. or aunt, or sis, whichever you prefer

!!!!!! anon, i’m so glad to hear this. ily and i’m very happy to be your lesbian big sister! fingers crossed that i live up to your expectations 😊💜

hi mom, thought you might like to know we’re studying eukaryotes and on the fungus portion there is ergot, which only has the words ‘rye smut’ next to it and i read raw smut please help me.

hot fungi action