i love my gay big sister haligan ❤ i wish i could make u some nice calming soup ❤ i hope you feel better soon

you are too sweet! thank you so much, little sibling. i really appreciate it 💜💜


hi sorry this is kinda weird but i need to tell someone but i was at a party last night and me and a friend ended up drunkenly making out in front of everyone and i felt sorta weird but didnt really care and we both ended up hiding in a closet to go further and it was my first sexual experience with another girl so like i sorta came outta it sorta jumbled and mervous but not like Oh I Made A Mistake but anyway i carried on w today and it was fine until one of my friends called me and he told (1)

that there was a crack in the wall or door and ended up watching us for awhile and he was confused about the details of the matter and was trying to figure out uh the situation and wanted to know more details and i feel really really gross and sick and embarrassed because something personal like that ended up being viewed and i just feel super self concious and gross and dirty and i feel horrible and i dont even know what to say or do like i just feel horrie and needed to tell someone ;;; (2)

oh hon, i am so sorry that this happened to you. what that boy did to you was so unfair – he violated your privacy and he made sure that you know he violated your privacy. i hope you know that neither of those things is your fault in any way…you deserved better. 

Haligan, would you be open to answering a bipolar question? It’s ok if not, but if you’re open to talking about it, could you tell me how you went about getting a diagnosis? I’ve got a family history of bipolar and I’ve been struggling for a long time but only ever had a depression diagnosis, with my manic swings being put down to just bad behaviour, childishness, ADHD, etc. I just wonder what steps you had to take to get it taken seriously?

hi! i am ok with answering, but i’m also unfortunately not likely to be very helpful. i didn’t seek out a bipolar diagnosis – i started going to therapy during a very bad mixed episode, and was lucky enough to have a therapist who figured out what was going on. 

i’m not sure how old you are or how much control you have over which medical professionals you can see. i think there’s a good chance you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t, i would be very direct with whoever you’re seeing that you think bipolar disorder might be a more accurate diagnosis. if they disagree, i would ask them to explain specifically why they don’t think it’s a good diagnostic fit for you, or how they think the experiences you’re describing differ from mania. 

if that doesn’t get a helpful response and you’re able to seek out another mental health practitioner, it might be a good idea to switch to someone who is going to take your input more seriously. 

hope you can get the help you need, anon! 

what would you consider tumblr stalking? it makes me nervous sometimes because i have autism and sometimes i find a particular person’s blog makes me feel safe and happy so once a day i’ll go there directly rather than just waiting for their posts to pop up on my dash, and i’ll like and reblog the ones i like and leave feeling happier. would this seem stalkerish to you? some tumblr users do the same on my blog and it makes me happy to know i have a positive influence on their day but idk…(1/2)

i just worry i might make someone uncomfortable when it’s all completely as innocent as ‘this tumblr user seems like a good person and i wish them the best and always appreciate what they say’? if you think it does sound stalkerish then i’ll reassess my behaviour and change my habits ofc. i just wanted to ask. (also, i think this is an autistic thing for me but i know a lot of other people have their ‘favourites’ as well for various reasons, not saying it’s purely autism stuff) (2/2)

what you’re describing definitely does not sound like stalking to me.

the definition of what constitutes stalking is fairly broad, but the key concept is that it must involve some pattern of behavior that would cause a reasonable person fear. 

so reading someone’s blog or liking their posts isn’t something that, in and of itself, would cause a reasonable person fear. far from it – it’s pretty much how you’re supposed to use this website! 

it would be something else if you were reading someone’s blog as part of a larger, ongoing pattern of unwanted, frightening behavior. but to me, it sounds like you’re just appreciating peoples’ blogs online in a very normal and appropriate way. 

i messaged like a month ago abt texting a girl i had a crush on and new update: we’re not official but have been on several dates and she texts me a lot and i stayed over and we cuddled a lot. we’re both polyamorous & so i also just got another gf and i’m happy and gay for both of them

i’m happy for you, anon! glad to hear that things have been going well