@von Karma: let your children enjoy things???

This is basically canon confirmation that Miles’ continued interest in the Steel Samurai is a rebellion of sorts against what MVK taught.

or at the very least that his guilt/embarrassment about it is partially informed by growing up von Karma…



like, AAI manages to both contain “Manfred von Karma’s long-term friend referring to Miles as Manfred’s beloved disciple” and “Manfred von Karma telling Miles to his face that he’s worthless and unworthy.” 

Miles struggling to throw away a gift from Manfred, struggling to communicate how he feels about Manfred now without outright condemning him, freezing up in conversations about him and saying nothing, accusing someone who brings him up of playing “mind games”…

it’s a weirdly good and ambiguous depiction of the aftermath of having someone deeply fuck with your head

and idk it just raises the question for me of like. how much did Amano think Manfred considered Miles his “beloved disciple” because Manfred actively deceived people in his life about his relationship with Miles, and how much did Amano think that because on some level Manfred really was attached to Miles

did Manfred love the child he was planning to have killed

My first thought is that Amano calls Miles that because he sees Miles as Manfred’s child as much as Franziska is, and he can’t quite wrap his mind around hating your child (for all his faults he clearly worships Lance and actively tries to protect him from a murder charge Lance actually deserves). The two people who most likely didn’t think of Miles as ‘Manfred’s beloved disciple’ were, ironically, Manfred and Miles themselves.

this is a good point

also makes sense for the ‘true successor’ thing because that reflects really questionably on what Amano thinks of Franziska