gumshoe putting himself at risk by lying to protect a kid he doesn’t even know is pretty adorable tbh 


i’m worried about my cat. i know i should be prepared for this bc i’ve known for years that he’s terminally ill, but every time something goes even kind of wrong i get so scared and upset 

hi sorry this is kinda weird but i need to tell someone but i was at a party last night and me and a friend ended up drunkenly making out in front of everyone and i felt sorta weird but didnt really care and we both ended up hiding in a closet to go further and it was my first sexual experience with another girl so like i sorta came outta it sorta jumbled and mervous but not like Oh I Made A Mistake but anyway i carried on w today and it was fine until one of my friends called me and he told (1)

that there was a crack in the wall or door and ended up watching us for awhile and he was confused about the details of the matter and was trying to figure out uh the situation and wanted to know more details and i feel really really gross and sick and embarrassed because something personal like that ended up being viewed and i just feel super self concious and gross and dirty and i feel horrible and i dont even know what to say or do like i just feel horrie and needed to tell someone ;;; (2)

oh hon, i am so sorry that this happened to you. what that boy did to you was so unfair – he violated your privacy and he made sure that you know he violated your privacy. i hope you know that neither of those things is your fault in any way…you deserved better.