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lol like even taking into consideration some cats and dogs don’t seem to have as good of a concept as others, they’re not… ….that level of oblivious, how would they literally survive if they were

i know right???? this was literally the text of the post (which was reblogged quite a bit):

Cats have a very poor sense of object permanence.  As such, they don’t realize that its possible for two doors to lead to the same room.  In their mind if they come in one door, that’s one room and if they come in the other door, that’s a completely different room. This is why, if you let a cat out and it’s raining, it will run inside and meow at you to open another door.  They aren’t able to connect that both doors lead to the same outside.

In this case, this cat does not want to go to The Place The Cat Door Leads To but rather is asking to go to The Place The Front Door Leads To.

like…..w  h a  t does this mean