“Race is real, Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.” 

An Alt-Right Makeover Shrouds the Swastikas

You need all this to know! Nazis are real & not the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. You need to see Nazis raising their Nazis kids to know they’re here? 

This is White Privilege on full display.. #Blacklivesmatter gets demonized and blamed for everything people are even trying to frame BLM and actually get compared with the KKK (not even close) but now you have these white supremacist Nazi sympathizers who changed their name to ‘alt-right’ to try to soften their image and now they’re trying to make it seem like they’re not really about white supremacy. 

“The political establishment has made an entire generation of young white men and women into fascists, and that’s a beautiful thing!” ~ Matthew Heimbach, Traditionalist Worker Party leader

This is the craziness that we live in as long as black people have on this continent. And the media is culpable is implicit in helping shape these narratives… #Hate it!

This is the leader of the guys who stabbed our AntiFA in Sacramento.

Kill Trads, Nazis, and Fash of all kinds.

This is Communismkills’ ex boyfriend btw.

So yeah. This is happening.

Like, are we all aware this is happening?

Really happening?

Meanwhile BLM gets absolutely demonized just for saying “Please stop killing us.  Black lives matter too”.  You will never see them humanize any marginalized people as much as they will humanize the scum of the earth. 

I can’t believe we’re down to humanizing white supremacists.  But lord forbid you call these people what they really are, because liberals have already decided their views aren’t “that bad” as long as they’re “normal”. 

its okay if they’re members of actual terrorist organizations and hate groups, as long as they dress nice and have nuclear families! 


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