Can you believe Clifford the big red dog and Biscuit are Jewish? Icons.


Breaking News: All dogs are Jewish

Didn’t some of these have Christmas versions :/ cuz I’m 99% sure I have a Christmas book of biscuit

Yeah but Biscuit is Jewish

I mean…some Jews celebrate christmas… It’s 90% more likely a Jewish person (or dog) would celebrate christmas and hanukkah than a christian person would…

I know that a lot of Christians who also celebrate Passover and Hanukkah

I’m a Christian and celebrate Passover every single year, and Hanukkah when I was younger before the two smaller girls were born.

Unless you were celebrating w/ Jews or are ethnically Jewish or were raised in an interfaith household that’s appropriative and weird don’t do that it’s disrespectful.

….? Jesus was Jewish. we’re trying to respect the culture. I’m sorry you feel like it’s weird and appropriative and I wish I could say Christians don’t get like this about Christmas but a lot of them do. I’m not going to stop because it’s not offending anyone. We do it alone, in our home, to respect a culture and honor it. So. I mean. Sorry.

Ya no shit Jesus celebrated Jewish holidays BECAUSE HE WAS JEWISH holy shit anyways I’m saying you’re not respecting my culture and that it is weird and appropriative to do because you’re not Jewish and you’re not celebrating it with Jews and there’s a 99% chance you’re butchering our customs that you try to practice which is EXTREMELY disrespectful. It’s offending me, a Certified Jew. And frankly Jews celebrating Xmas has a COMPLETELY different cultural context behind it as many of us are ethnic or come from interfaith families and some Jews feel left out due to the amount of presents xtian kids get and celebrate Xmas due to the amount of cultural influence and hegemony Xtianity has in the West over Jews and other marginalized religions. Unless you or your family have some sort of intention to convert, I suggest you stop immediately and stop bastardizing our customs and cultural practices…

How many times do we have to say that forced assimilation isn’t the same as a member of the class that we were forced to assimilate to appropriating and misusing our customs?

@ninawolv3rina Definitely stop, you’re not respecting any culture. You’re appropriating it.

“umm i’m just appreciating your culture!!! but i won’t listen to any of you when you tell me i’m behaving inappropriately, because i actually don’t care about you or your culture outside of using you as props for my Xianity” 




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