BIDEN:  The White House is in good hands.

OBAMA:  Is that a joke?  

BIDEN:  No, that’s a thing I just said out loud, to reporters. After meeting with Mike Pence.  Who is a fucking monster.   

OBAMA:  But no, no, this is a meme where you are like an old codger who is a prankster– that’s how this is supposed to work.  It’s wacky fun!  

BIDEN:  Maybe people wanting to believe in memes about cuddly politicians is a bad thing that we shouldn’t encourage though.  Maybe it’s bad that people dull their brains with memes about how politicians who oversee flying robot death armies are actually adorable koalas, and gifs of dopey television shows about noble politicians that are divorced from reality.  Maybe that kind of fantasy slowed people down from pushing for change, or for political realities to be addressed through more aggressive campaign messages that actually addressed people’s economic lives instead of playing to fantasies that not everybody has the economic luxury or ideological willingness to indulge in.  

LESLIE KNOPE:  You guys have been listening to Ron too much! Memes are great!

JOSIAH BARTLET:  I’ve got a boner– you got any adderall?? Spring break forever!  

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